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Student Research

Young Scientists of Gorongosa - Episode 4- Laura Macamo

Student Research 
Our students conduct their thesis research on an impressive variety of topics in Gorongosa National Park and its buffer zone. See below for a list of current research projects
Amina Abudo Amade
Diversidade funcional dos macrofungos na manutenção ecossitémica e seu potencil uso na dieta alimentar e geração de renda nas comunidades rurais
Adult sex ration and age structure in recovering populations of ungulates
Dinâmica da biodiversidade espécies de miombo:  Caracterização de metagenônica associada aos sols com Brachystegia boehmii e Brachystegia spiciformis
Gold Bento Chinder
Top-down effects of insects and mammalian herbivores on plan communities and plant traits in an African savannah
Amemarlita Agostinho Carlos de Matos
Traditional knowledge and its relationship with the conservation of biodiversity and the socio-ecological resilience of communities around Gorongosa National Park
Distribution and selection of lungfish habitats in Gorongosa National Park 
Semo Siambeu Luís Semo Mogeia
As interações de três plantas invasoras com insectos herbívoros e o seu impacto na diversidade vegetal no Parque Nacional da Gorongosa
Clotilde Fátima Nhancale
Effect of herbivory and soil type on growth and carbon sequestration of tree species in Gorongosa National Park 
António Ngovene Júnior
Can shade coffee cultivation help restore Mount Gorongosa’s threatened forest biodiversity?
Raimundo José Raimundo
Modeling the spatial distribution and ecological niche of civets in Gorongosa National Park
Márcio Manuel Tomás
Abundance and diversity of grasshoppers in relation to the loss and recovery of mammalian grazers on the floodplain of Gorongosa National Park
Adija Fernando Wilssone
Caracterização Palinológica e Avaliação da Autenticação do Mel da Zona Tampão do Parque Nacional da Gorongosa