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Student Life

Student Life
Students in the Gorongosa Master’s in Conservation Biology Program have the rare privilege of calling Gorongosa National Park their home for two years. Through the generous support of HHMI, students have full scholarships which cover their academic credits, room and board, travel to the park, and most of their research needs. By living and working together, students form a close-knit cohort and support each other academically and socially. 
"Living in Gorongosa National Park is the experience of a lifetime."
-Victor Americo
"Gorongosa is a family and school at the same time! I am very proud to be part of this family and learning more about the essence of conservation.” 
-Marcio Tomas
"Even after living in GNP for a year, my passion for the park and its biodiversity continues to grow daily.  For me, living here has been a life experience I wish all Mozambicans could have; the opportunities and challenges that the park presents prepare one to be a leader in conservation in the country."
-Gold Chinder
"Living and studying in GNP is to learn new things every waking moment.  It is to have the opportunity to gain scientific knowledge, share experiences with researchers and scientiests from Mozambique and abroad.  One of the things that makes life even more fun here are the friendships one creates.  Strangers quickly become like friends and family."
-Amemarlita Matos