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Men's Journal

Back to Paradise

Men's Journal, 2012

"Even as late as the 1970s, Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park was a relatively untouched paradise, home to one of the densest wildlife populations..." Ler Mais [em inglês]



Paradise Regained

Men’s Journal, 2009

"Greg Carr is not your typical environmentalist. He took his master’s in public policy from Harvard to the software industry, where he turned a singular insight into voice mail pioneer Boston Technology..." Ler Mais [em inglês]




Mozambique - The Wildest Frontier

Mens’s Journal, 2006

"Once one of Africa’s premier safari destinations, Gorongosa National Park, a 1,455-square mile swath of thick grasslands, lushly forested mountains, and deep gorges…" Mais [em inglês]