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The Independent

Traveller's guide - Mozambique

The Independent, 2012

"Indian Ocean sunrises, turquoise waters, a 2,500km coastline and a fascinating cultural scene: all this and more awaits in Mozambique, one of southern Africa's least visited destinations." Ler Mais [em inglês]



Mozambique - Return of the wild to the fields of battle

The Independent, 2011

"As the sun set over Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park, we scanned the savannah for lions. With an estimated 45 tawny predators roaming an area the size of Essex..."  Ler Mais [em inglês]



Mozambique - Park Life Returns to Gorongosa

The Independent, 2010

"By the time we finally got out of the rainforest, night had firmly fallen. I'd long since stopped caring whether snakes might be coiled around the mossy trees I was grabbing to help me over the boulders blocking what was..." Ler Mais [em inglês]