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Health & Safety

Before You Go 

As with travel to any country, you should visit your doctor four to eight weeks ahead of your visit to get the recommended vaccinations and medications. There is no risk of yellow fever in Mozambique, and travelers coming from a yellow fever zone must show a record of vaccination against yellow fever. All travellers are required to have their vaccination records when they cross the border.

We recommend that all foreign travellers consider travel insurance to provide you with coverage in a medical emergency while travelling and to protect you in the event that your trip gets unexpectedly cancelled.

While You’re Here

Your doctor will have advised you on appropriate medications and vaccinations, and while you are here, it's sensible to use insect repellent, and wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks in the evenings. Use sunscreen appropriately, and remember to stay hydrated during your activities! Bottled water is provided on the safari drives, in the guest bedrooms, and is also available at the restaurant.

To make sure that your stay is safe and enjoyable, please follow all of the Park rules. They’re in place to keep you safe!