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Robert Jacobson

Photos by L. Tello, Felix Bermudes, and Safrique

In 1965 I was a final year medical student at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and hitchhiked from Johannesburg to Gorongosa National Park. I carried a letter from a game ranger to his wife who worked in the park. He was seriously ill in a hospital in Johannesburg and by chance I was assigned to take care of him during his hospitalization.


I travelled with a friend and we had no problem getting free rides all the way (it took about 3 days). When we got to Gorongosa his wife was most appreciative of the news I brought and arranged a driver and open van to take us around the park. It was in its prime. I remember seeing lions who occupied an old run down house and abundant animals and birds. There was an airstrip and wealthy hunters were flown in from abroad. The food served was excellent and the staff we met were most hospitable. The park was one of the best in Southern Africa. It seems now nearly 50 years later that it's again on the road to recovery. – Robert Jacobson (USA)