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Alfred & Maartje Heuperman


We lived in Mocambique from 1976, one year after independence, till 1980 when the security situation had become somewhat “precarious”. The last 2.5 years of that period our home was in Beira. Living conditions were “basic’ with food often in short supply, long queues for the shops and many things only available through “arrangar”. Gorongosa was mainly used by official government staff and visitors; private visits were possible but rare. We (me, wife and 2 kids, the youngest of them born in Beira) managed to get to the park twice and on both occasions were the only visitors . We travelled around the park on our own in our old Peugeot 404 and saw the full range of wildlife, including the odd leopard. We have lost the pictures of those days but we still have the memories which, after all those years, are in serious need of refreshing. Gorongosa, will you see us again one day? - Alfred and Maartje (Australia)

Photos by Antonio Jorge