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Driving from Malawi

The most commonly travelled border crossing between Malawi and Mozambique is the Zóbuè border crossing on the S136 (Malawi side) / 103 (Mozambique side).


  1. Zóbuè Border to Tete: From the border, drive south on the 103 for 95 km until you reach the town of Tete. The bustling city of Tete is the last major stop before a 5-6 hour journey to Chimoio. There are plenty of gas stations, restaurants, and markets to choose from.
  2. Tete to Chimoio: Continue on the 103 for 381km until you reach the town of Chimoio. Chimoio is the closest large town to Gorongosa and is a good place to stock up on supplies if you are self-catering in Gorongosa. As you exit Chimoio on the EN6, there is a ShopRite grocery store where you can get all the supplies you may need. There is also a gas station conveniently located next to the ShopRite.
  3. Chimoio to Inchope: Continue on the EN6 for 68km until you reach the town of Inchope where Mozambique’s major highways, the EN1 and the EN6, intersect. Turn left on the EN1 toward Gorongosa National Park.
  4. Inchope to Gorongosa National Park: Continue on the EN1 for 2km. About a kilometer down the road on the left side, there is a BP gas station where you can refuel if you didn’t fill up in Chimoio. Be sure to fill your tank as there is no fuel for sale inside Gorongosa National Park. As you continue on the EN1, you will cross a bridge over the Pungue River – the views are fantastic! Continue on until you see a large sign for Gorongosa National Park – turn right onto the dirt road. Continue on the graded dirt road for 11km until you reach the park entrance gate. Now  our safari begins! Continue on the road inside the park for 18km and watch for sable antelope, bushbuck, and baboons as you make your way to the reception desk at Montebelo Gorongosa Lodge and Safari where you will pay your park entrance fees and get information on the Park.
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In and Around Gorongosa
  • When you arrive in Chitengo for the first time, visit our reception desk and our staff will assist you with your accommodations and show you where to find the restaurant, gift shop, and other amenities
  • Currently, self drive is not allowed in Gorongosa National Park. We offer morning and afternoon guided safaris in our raised safari vehicle. 
  • We ask that all park visitors abide by park rules for the safety of our guests and our wildlife. 
  • There is no fuel or supplies for sale inside Gorongosa National Park. The park has a restaurant that serves food and drinks from 6am – 9pm. At the restaurant you can buy bottled water, other beverages, alcohol, and bread to take away but all other food is sold as part of the restaurant menu. There is a small gift shop in the park that sells T-shirts and other park souvenirs. All other supplies must be purchased outside of the park.
  • The closest place to buy fuel and supplies is Vila Gorongosa, about a one hour drive from Chitengo north on the EN1. You can buy fuel at the gas station just north of town and there is an outdoor fruit and vegetable market as well as small shops where you can buys some basic food and supplies. The next closest town is Inchope, about a 1.5 hour drive south on the EN1 where you can also buy fuel and supplies from a local market. If you’re looking for a larger supermarket, the closest one is ShopRite in Chimoio, a 2 hour drive south on the EN1 to Inchope, then west on the EN6.
  • Buy fuel only from stations that have a functioning electric pump. Fuel at other locations may be dirty, or mixed with water or other chemicals.
Border Information

At the border crossing, expect to show your passport, visa, car registration papers, and pay a border-crossing fee. Your vehicle may be inspected at the request of the border guards. You may be required to purchase temporary car insurance to cover your car while driving in Mozambique.