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Chartered Flight

If you choose to book a chartered plane, there is a licensed airstrip at Chitengo. The pilot of the chartered plabe must clear the flight plan with the airport of origin and also contact park staff in advance.  We will prepare the landing strip for your arrival and ensure that it is clear of wild animals before you land.


When you arrive in Chitengo, make your way to the reception desk where you will check in and our staff will show you to your room. The landing fees and park entrance fees will be added to your bill and can be paid at checkout.
The airstrip is closed from December to April due to the rains. Planes may only land in daylight.


More information: 
Airstrip Information

Coordinates: 18 .59 S, 34 .21 E

Altitude: 104ft

Length: 1100m

Width: 45m

Soil Type: Clay


Surface: Grass

Runway: 05/23

Class: Airstrip 2A

Resistance: 12.5 ton

Critical Airplane: Lear JET 24D

Predominant wind: South easterly

Restriction: Usable only during dry season, only day time operations, only 1000 effective, unstable during rain season