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Sustainable Tourism


The major national emergency response currently cannot focus on our park neighbours, as they focus on the Buzi floodplains further south.  In the meantime hundreds of people are trapped along the upper Pungue near the park and are without food and safe water. First signs of disease spreading  have been reported. Gorongosa National Park is dedicated to  set up its own emergency “Food Programme” and we now have organised our own helicopter and are now working with our rangers in saving our neighbours. We keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Park Staff are working hard to provide emergency relief to the surrounding communities, and ensure that normal life returns to peoples lives as soon as possible. While we do not have definite dates yet, we anticipate that sometime in April or May the Park will again be open to scientists, technicians and aid workers.  Regular Tourism is expected to begin again early June. We still anticipate selling Gorongosa coffee later this year. 


We will continue to update as we get more information. 


Gorongosa National Park is on its way to becoming one of the best African parks, with your help.

Every visitor who chooses Gorongosa as the destination for their Mozambique safari is directly supporting our important conservation work and providing jobs for local Mozambicans. Revenue from tourism is the key to making Gorongosa a self-sustaining African park, long into the future. Become a part of our conservation story and plan your visit to Gorongosa today!


Here are just a few of the amazing activities you can try in Gorongosa: