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Date Title Authorsort descending Subject Region Language
2018 Post-war recovery of the African lion in response to large-scale ecosystem restoration Paola Bouley, Michael Poulos, Rui Branco, Neil H. Carter Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2019 An experimental test of community-based strategies for mitigating human–wildlife conflict around protected areas Paola S. Branco M.S., Jerod A. Merkle Ph.D., Robert M. Pringle Ph.D., Lucy King Ph.D., Tosca Tindall, Marc Stalmans Ph.D., Ryan A. Long Ph.D. Conservation
2019 Determinants of elephant foraging behaviour in a coupled human-natural system: Is brown the new green? Paola S. Branco, Jerod A. Merkle, Robert M. Pringle, Johan Pansu, Arjun B. Potter, Alana Reynolds, Marc Stalmans, Ryan A. Long English
2018 The Elephants of Gorongosa: an Integrated Approach to Conservation and Conflict Mitigation in the Shadow of the War Paola Stramandinoli Branco Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2011 Avaliação da Plantação florestal de espécies nativas na recuperação e conservação da Serra da Gorongosa. Perreira, Domingos L. Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem Portuguese
2018 Integrative taxonomy resolves three new cryptic species of small southern African horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus) Peter J Taylor Angus Macdonald Steven M Goodman Teresa KearneyFenton P D Cotterill Sam Stoffberg Ara Monadjem M Corrie Schoeman Jennifer Guyton Piotr Naskrecki Leigh R Richards Biodiversity Mozambique English
2013 Cryptic diversity in forest shrews of the genus Myosorex from southern Africa, with the description of a new species and comments on Myosorex tenuis Peter John Taylor, Teresa Catherine Kearney, Julian C. Kerbis Peterhans, Roderick M. Baxter and Sandi Willows-Munro Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2012 Mozambique Paleontology Reconnaissance - November 2012 Pickford, M. Archaeology Mozambique English
2019 Katydids of Gorongosa National Park and Central Mozambique PIOTR NASKRECKI, RICARDO GUTA Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2004 Relatório sobre o processo de visionagem na Comunidade de Tambarara. Rafael, B. Sustainable Development Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem Portuguese
2017 Nature 2017 - Pringle Rob Pringle Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2011 Above- and Below-ground Carbon Stocks in a Miombo Woodland Landscape of Mozambique Ryan, C.M. Williams, M., Grace, J. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2012 Quantifying small-scale deforestation and forest degradation in African woodlands using radar imagery. Ryan, C.M., Hill, T., Woollen, E., Ghee, C., Mitchard, B., Cassells, G., Grace, J., Woodhouse, I.H., Williams, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2006 Improving emergency obstetric care in Mozambique: the story of Sofala Santos, C., Diante, D. J., Baptista, A., Matediane, E., Bique, C., Bailey, P. Health Mozambique English
2012 An Ichthyological and Bio-monitoring Survey of Fish Assemblages in the Vunduzi River from its Source on Gorongosa Mountain to its Lower Reaches in the Gorongosa National Park, Moçambique. Sara J.R., Moyo N.A.G., Smit W.J., Geldenhuys G., Theron J. Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
1966 The Pteridophyta of Gorongosa Mountain, Southern Mozambique. Schelpe, E.A.C.L.E. Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2006 Vegetation and carrying capacity of the ‘Sanctuario’, Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, Moçambique Stalmans, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2006 Tinley’s plant species list for the Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem, Moçambique. Stalmans, M. Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2012 Monitoring the recovery of wildlife in the Parque Nacional da Gorongosa through aerial surveys: 2000 – 2012. Stalmans, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2007 Long-term plan for Gorongosa National Park vegetation monitoring at multiple scales Stalmans, M., Beilfuss R. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2008 Landscapes of the Gorongosa National Park. Stalmans, M., Beilfuss R. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2010 Geophysical and hydrogeological survey in a part of the Nhandugue River valley, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique - Area 1 and 2 Stenberg, L. Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2018 A new endemic Impatiens species on Mount Gorongosa demonstrates the conservation importance of montane areas in Africa Steven B. Janssens, Petra Ballings, Arne Mertens, Steven Dessein Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2016 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities from tropical Africareveal strong ecological structure Susana Rodrıguez-Echeverrıa, Helena Teixeira, Marta Correia, Sergio Timoteo1, Ruben Heleno, Maarja Opik and Mari Moora Mycology Mozambique
2004 Development of the Pungwe River basin joint integrated water resources management strategy. Monograph report Annex X Sector study on: Conservation areas, wildlife and tourism. SWECO, ICWS, OPTO, SMHI, NCG, CONSULTEC, IMPACTO, UCM, Interconsult Zimbabwe Water Resources Pungue River Basin English