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Date Title Authorsort descending Subject Region Language
2012 Mangrove kingfishers (Halcyon senegaloides; Aves: Alcedinidae) nesting in arboreal Nasutitermes (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) termitaria in central Mozambique Davies, G.B.P., Symes C.T., Chittenden H.N., Peek J.R. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2018 Gorongosa Aerial Wildlife Count 2018 Dr Marc Stalmans , Dr Mike Peel & Dominique Gonçalves Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Aerial Survey 2016 Dr. Marc Stalmans and Dr. Mike Peel Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2009 Estudo de Parasitas Metazoários de Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) que ocorre no Lago Urema, Parque Nacional da Gorongosa Dumbo, J.C. Wildlife Health Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem Portuguese
2004 Aerial survey of large herbivores in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Dunham, K.M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
1997 Gorongosa Aerial Wildlife Survey - Paul Dutton 1997 Dutton, Paul Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2004 Report on Honey External Market Task Force Sustainable Development Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Combined electrical resistivity tomography and magnetic resonance sounding investigation of the surface-water/groundwater interaction in the Urema Graben, Mozambique F. J. Chirindja & T. Dahlin & N. Perttu & F. Steinbruch & R. Owen Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2008 Geophysical investigations in a part of Gorongosa National park in Mozambique. Farisse, C., Hellman K. Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2019 A missing piece of the Papio puzzle: Gorongosa baboon phenostructure and intrageneric relationships Felipe I. Martinez, Cristian Capelli b, Maria J. Ferreira da Silva, Vera Aldeias, Zeresenay Alemseged, William Archer, Marion Bamford, Dora Biro, Rene Bobe, David R. Braun, Jorg M. Habermann, Tina Lüdecke, Hilario Madiquida, Jacinto Mathe, Enquye Negas Evolution Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2017 A new Pedaria Laporte de Castelnau, 1832, from Gorongosa National Park François Génier Biodiversity English
2018 Remarkable richness of trypanosomes in tsetse flies Garcia HA, Rodrigues CMF, Rodrigues AC, Pereira DL, Pereira CL, Camargo EP, Hamilton PB, Teixeira MMG. Biodiversity Mozambique English
2008 Conservation of miombo woodland in central Mozambique Garret, W Conservation Mozambique English
Gorongosa January 2019 Newsletter - Portuguese Gorongosa Media
2020 A Healthy Park Needs Healthy Vegetation: The Story of Gorongosa National Park in the 21st Century Hannah Herrero,Peter Waylen ,Jane Southworth ,Reza Khatami ,Di Yang, Brian Child Conservation
2017 Using repeat photography to observe vegetation change over time Hannah V Herrero, Jane Southworth, Erin Bunting, Brian Child Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
Royal Geographical Society article about Gorongosa Coffee Heather Richardson
2016 Identification of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria from three African leguminous trees in Gorongosa National Park Helena Teixeira,Susana Rodríguez-Echeverría Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2007 Exploring the socio-economic role of charcoal and the potential for sustainable production in the Chicale regulado, Mozambique Herd, A.R.C. Sustainable Development Mozambique English
Our Goronogosa Film One Pager HHMI Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2003 The effects of traumatic experiences on the infant–mother relationship in the former war zones of central Mozambique: The case of madzawde in Gorongosa Igreja, V. Anthropology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2010 The cultural dimension of war traumas in central Mozambique: The case of Gorongosa. Igreja, V., Bas, J. N., Schreuder, M. D., & Kleijn, M. A Anthropology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2008 Gamba spirits, gender relations, and healing in post-civil war Gorongosa, Mozambique Igreja, V., Dias-Lambranca, B., Richters, A. Anthropology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2010 Plurality of religion, plurality of justice : exploring the role of religion in disputing processes in Gorongosa, Central Mozambique Jacobs, C. Anthropology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2019 Waterbird colony count at Lake Urema, March and April 2019 Jason Denlinger, Dr. Marc Stalmans, Dr. Tara Massad. Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem