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Date Title Author Subject Region Languagesort descending
2019 Katydids of Gorongosa National Park and Central Mozambique PIOTR NASKRECKI, RICARDO GUTA Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
Acordo Gestão Conjunta
2020 Trophic rewilding revives biotic resistance to shrub invasion Jennifer A. Guyton, Johan Pansu, Matthew C. Hutchinson, Tyler R. Kartzinel, Arjun B. Potter, Tyler C. Coverdale, Joshua H. Daskin, Ana Gledis da Conceição, Mike J. S. Peel, Marc E. Stalmans & Robert M. Pringle Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2016 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities from tropical Africareveal strong ecological structure Susana Rodrıguez-Echeverrıa, Helena Teixeira, Marta Correia, Sergio Timoteo1, Ruben Heleno, Maarja Opik and Mari Moora Mycology Mozambique
Masters Curriculum Final
Pauta de apuramento (BC-2020)
Gorongosa - Destaques 2017
Advisor Contract English
Advisor Contract - Portuguese
Gender Education Consultant
2016 Identification of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria from three African leguminous trees in Gorongosa National Park Helena Teixeira,Susana Rodríguez-Echeverría Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
Royal Geographical Society article about Gorongosa Coffee Heather Richardson
2020 A Healthy Park Needs Healthy Vegetation: The Story of Gorongosa National Park in the 21st Century Hannah Herrero,Peter Waylen ,Jane Southworth ,Reza Khatami ,Di Yang, Brian Child Conservation
2012 Mangrove kingfishers (Halcyon senegaloides; Aves: Alcedinidae) nesting in arboreal Nasutitermes (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) termitaria in central Mozambique Davies, G.B.P., Symes C.T., Chittenden H.N., Peek J.R. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2012 Monitoring the recovery of wildlife in the Parque Nacional da Gorongosa through aerial surveys: 2000 – 2012. Stalmans, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
Contact and Emergency Info Eng English
2018 Post-war recovery of the African lion in response to large-scale ecosystem restoration Paola Bouley, Michael Poulos, Rui Branco, Neil H. Carter Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Late Quaternary vegetation development and disturbance dynamics from a peatland on Mount Gorongosa, central Mozambique David B.McWethy, Frank H.Neumann, FranziskaSteinbruch, Casey M.Ryan, Verushka Valsecchi Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2019 Determinants of elephant foraging behaviour in a coupled human-natural system: Is brown the new green? Paola S. Branco, Jerod A. Merkle, Robert M. Pringle, Johan Pansu, Arjun B. Potter, Alana Reynolds, Marc Stalmans, Ryan A. Long English
2012 Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Gorongosa National Park: the Cheringoma Plateau. Mercader J., Sillén P. Archaeology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2010 Geophysical and hydrogeological survey in a part of the Nhandugue River valley, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique - Area 1 and 2 Stenberg, L. Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2004 Aerial survey of large herbivores in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Dunham, K.M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2006 Preliminary hydrogeological investigation on the Nhambita hot spring, Mozambique. Merkel, B.J., Steinbruch, F. Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English