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Contact and Emergency Info Eng English
Release Waiver of Liability Eng
Gorongosa January 2019 Newsletter - Portuguese Gorongosa Media
2019 Determinants of elephant foraging behaviour in a coupled human-natural system: Is brown the new green? Paola S. Branco, Jerod A. Merkle, Robert M. Pringle, Johan Pansu, Arjun B. Potter, Alana Reynolds, Marc Stalmans, Ryan A. Long English
Science Packing List Eng English
Termo de Responsabilidade
A Nossa Gorongosa one Pager
Lista de Equipamentos a trazer
NGM - Portuguese David Quammen Biodiversity Portuguese
Researcher Guidelines and Contact Info
2018 Diet and gut microbiome of African viverrids Malou Fabricius Rægaard Storm, Emilia Marie Rolander Langkjær Ecology English
Edital_MSC Portuguese
2019 2019 Highlights Report
Directrizes de Investigação e Informações de Contacto e Emergência
2017 A new Pedaria Laporte de Castelnau, 1832, from Gorongosa National Park François Génier Biodiversity English
2019 Destaques Gorongosa 2019
Application Flowchart
2019 An experimental test of community-based strategies for mitigating human–wildlife conflict around protected areas Paola S. Branco M.S., Jerod A. Merkle Ph.D., Robert M. Pringle Ph.D., Lucy King Ph.D., Tosca Tindall, Marc Stalmans Ph.D., Ryan A. Long Ph.D. Conservation
Welcome and Useful Information
Acordo Gestão Conjunta
thesis advisor contract english English
Pauta de apuramento (BC-2020)
Gorongosa - Destaques 2017