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Date Title Author Subject Region Languagesort descending
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2017 Description of a new flat gecko William R. Branch, Jennifer A. Guyton, Andreas Schmitz, Michael F. Bare, Piotr Naskrecki, Harith Farooq, Luke Verburg t& Mark Oliver Rodel Biodiversity Mozambique
2019 Destaques Gorongosa 2019
Welcome and Useful Information
2007 Long-term plan for hydrological research: Adaptive Management of water resources at Gorongosa National Park Prepared for the Gorongosa Research Center. Beilfuss, R., Steinbruch, F., Owen, R. Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2019 An experimental test of community-based strategies for mitigating human–wildlife conflict around protected areas Paola S. Branco M.S., Jerod A. Merkle Ph.D., Robert M. Pringle Ph.D., Lucy King Ph.D., Tosca Tindall, Marc Stalmans Ph.D., Ryan A. Long Ph.D. Conservation
2017 Nature 2017 - Pringle Rob Pringle Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2019 Cola species of the limestone forests of Africa, with a new,endangered species, Cola cheringoma (Sterculiaceae), from Cheringoma, Mozambique Martin Cheek , Quentin Luke, Hermenegildo Matimele1, Aurélio Banze & Poppy Lawrence Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2012 Quantifying small-scale deforestation and forest degradation in African woodlands using radar imagery. Ryan, C.M., Hill, T., Woollen, E., Ghee, C., Mitchard, B., Cassells, G., Grace, J., Woodhouse, I.H., Williams, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
Acordo Gestão Conjunta
2019 Katydids of Gorongosa National Park and Central Mozambique PIOTR NASKRECKI, RICARDO GUTA Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2016 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities from tropical Africareveal strong ecological structure Susana Rodrıguez-Echeverrıa, Helena Teixeira, Marta Correia, Sergio Timoteo1, Ruben Heleno, Maarja Opik and Mari Moora Mycology Mozambique
2020 Trophic rewilding revives biotic resistance to shrub invasion Jennifer A. Guyton, Johan Pansu, Matthew C. Hutchinson, Tyler R. Kartzinel, Arjun B. Potter, Tyler C. Coverdale, Joshua H. Daskin, Ana Gledis da Conceição, Mike J. S. Peel, Marc E. Stalmans & Robert M. Pringle Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem
2012 Mozambique Paleontology Reconnaissance - November 2012 Pickford, M. Archaeology Mozambique English
2016 Macrobiotus naskreckii sp. nov., a New Tardigrade Marek Bąkowski, Milena Roszkowska, Magdalena Gawlak, Łukasz Kaczmarek Taxonomy Mozambique English
2011 Resource use by re-introduced large African herbivores in an altered landscape. Conneely, B.P. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2004 Assessing the Importance of Woodland Landscape Locations for Both Local Communities and Conservation in Gorongosa and Muanza Districts, Sofala Province, Mozambique Lynam T., Cunliffe R., Mapaure I. Sustainable Development Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2006 Vegetation and carrying capacity of the ‘Sanctuario’, Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, Moçambique Stalmans, M. Conservation Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2009 Hydrogeochemistry of the Mazamba and Nhambita spring and springs at Gorongosa Mountain with special emphasis on geothermal aspects, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique Vogler, Luise Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
1997 Gorongosa Aerial Wildlife Survey - Paul Dutton 1997 Dutton, Paul Biodiversity Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2016 Combined electrical resistivity tomography and magnetic resonance sounding investigation of the surface-water/groundwater interaction in the Urema Graben, Mozambique F. J. Chirindja & T. Dahlin & N. Perttu & F. Steinbruch & R. Owen Water Resources Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
2005 Preliminary vegetation classification and mapping of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique Cunliffe, R., Lynam, T. Ecology Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem English
Welcome to Gorongosa 2020 English