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USAID Mozambique

USAID Mozambique: Rebuilding Gorongosa National Park

Protecting and saving Gorongosa National Park is a massive project and we could not do it alone. We are deeply grateful to all our partners for their full-hearted generosity and steadfast support. But one partner in particular stands out as a truly special friend of Gorongosa: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mozambique.


Our dedicated and passionate staff at Gorongosa National Park has achieved many of their most important science, conservation, and community-development goals thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the American people, in the form of our partnership with USAID Mozambique.


The impacts and results of this partnership have been nothing short of remarkable. Lives have been saved. Livelihoods have been improved. And the beautiful animals and stunning landscapes of Gorongosa have been preserved for all our children. 


Some of the notable achievements of our collaboration with USAID are as follows:

  • USAID helps us to protect and save the Gorongosa ecosystem by supporting animal translocation projects; funding large-scale tree-planting initiatives; and providing equipment to help our brave and tireless rangers do their critical conservation work.
  • USAID enables us to build our scientific knowledge of Gorongosa by enabling landmark scientific studies on the ecosystem and its keystone animals; conducting our annual animal census and providing veterinary support during these activities; helping to create our Biodiversity Research Center, which will become one of the leading facilities of its kind in the world.
  • USAID works with us to provide benefits to the buffer-zone communities by supporting our conservation education activities and by funding our life-saving Ecohealth programs. The Ecohealth program, based on a Population, Health and Environment model, delivers health care in the form of mobile clinics, traditional birth attendants and community nurses. The program also enables targeted conservation education activities and fosters sustainable economic development. These programs are absolutely fundamental to our goal of improving the lives of the people in the Gorongosa National Park buffer-zone. 


Gorongosa National Park again wishes to thank all the wonderful staff at USAID Mozambique for their support and friendship and we look forward to many more great years of collaboration in the future.


As they say in Mozambique, Estamos Juntos! We are together!


To find out more about USAID Mozambique, please visit their website.