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Ricardo Guta

Ricardo Guta

Research Technician


I was born and raised in the city of Beira, which is in Sofala Province, Mozambique but now I live in Gorongosa. I am 23 years old and I have 8 siblings – 5 sisters and 3 brothers – and my parents still live in Beira. I got a degree in Agro-livestock from the Agricultural Institute of Chimoio and, as a child, my dream has always been to do scientific research.


In 2012, I founded the PROTESCA project (Animal Protection and Health Project), with the aim of providing technical assistance to animals through health, food and reproduction management. Through this project, research was conducted of phytotherapeutic plants for the treatment and nutrition of animals. We created a dewormer in 2013 using the Azadirachta indica plant to control nematodes in goats. Comparisons between this approach and chemical dewormers were positive. The main goals for this project are to support local communities whose animals die for lack of money to buy chemical medication, as well as to combat pollution of the environment.


Because my dream did not stop there, I continued to search for ways to join a research team. One day I was lucky enough to read the newspaper “Diary of Mozambique” and saw the news that Gorongosa National Park was organizing a biodiversity survey that would involve national and international scientists and would create a learning opportunity for young students interested in developing their research capabilities. After contacting the Park, I was given an internship in the science department as an assistant to survey small mammals.


I am currently working in the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory as a Research Technician for the biodiversity of insects. My role is to assist in scientific research and monitoring, with particular emphasis on sampling species, assembly of biological samples using appropriate methods, entering scientific data in the database and providing assistance to visiting researchers and staff of the Park.


Today I am happy to be a part of the Department of Scientific Services, as it is something I've always longed for and I hope to develop my skills in biodiversity research and thus contribute positively to the restoration of the park through conservation of nature.