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Lucas Jackson

I attended primary school partially in Marromeu and the other part in Beira. I am a Forestry Technician, trained at the Agrarian Institute in Chimoio in 1994. I received a License in Environmental Management, Planning, and Community Development (GAPDEC) from the Pedagogical University in Beira in 2012. Since 1994, I have worked in various national and foreign non-governmental organizations like Kulima (1994-1998), UNOPS (1998-2001), FAO (2003-2008), CCS-Italy (2008-2012) and at Gorongosa National Park since 2012 in the Community Development program in the areas of health and human development, education, and agriculture. I am married to Marylene S.K. Madeline Mart, with three children, Katlen who is 16 years old, Aylton who is 12 years old, and Allen who is 7 years old.
I always have had a passion for raising domestic animals like ducks, chickens, and goats and enjoy nature, for this reason, I enrolled in the forestry program. Since my training, I dedicated all of my life until now in work with communities which makes me feel as though I’ve realized my dream. The only challenge is that I have to spend a lot time away from family life. At this moment, I manage the Ecohealth Program in the Health and Community Development Sector in Gorongosa National Park where I feel very satisfied with the achievement of my dream of working for this institution, sharing my knowledge, learning, and encountering other opportunities to advance my professional career and academic training.