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Bernardo Beca Jofrisse

Bernardo Beca Jofrisse

Oversight Committee


I was born in Luabo, District of Chinde, in Zambezia Province.  As a young man in Beira, I worked for the newspapers "Noticias da Beira" and "Diário de Moçambique." In 1968, I took up the cause of national independence by enlisting in Frelimo’s army in Tanzania and I fought alongside many brave Mozambicans during the war.  After the independence of Mozambique in 1975, I continued my service in the army while also studying civil engineering at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo.


During the civil war against Renamo, I was promoted to the position of General Director of Weaponry.  After the Peace Accord, the Ministry of Tourism sent me to study natural resource protection at the Southern African Wildlife College.


In 2008, I was designated as the representative of the Ministry of Tourism alongside Greg Carr on the Oversight Committee of Gorongosa National Park. Gorongosa helps to alleviate the poverty of the traditional communities around the Park.  I am proud that we create schools and health clinics for the villages as a core part of the Park mission.