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Adolfo Macadona

Adolfo Macadona

Community Supervisor


I was born in Mopeia in the Province of Zambezia, Mozambique. I am the son of a primary school teacher and farmer. In 1966, my family left for the city of Beira in search of better hospital care for me as I was rather sick. My father found work at the Mozambican Railway (CFM) and became a part-time announcer at Radio Aero-Club. He ran for the inspection service and belonged to the first group of black surveyors in Mozambique.


As was typical for many children, I attended the state’s mission schools and advanced from one grade level to the next. I completed my primary education in 1976 in Panda, Inhambane, where I entered preparatory school in Beira in 1977, while my family lived in Chitengo. While attending the 9th grade, my coursework was interrupted to perform compulsory military service, where I worked as a logistic for the 515th battalion of the Sofala Military Command, returning home in 1983.


I have four children, Olga, Nadia, Erica and Agostinho. I started worked many jobs including, as a public accountant for Sofala Finance, at a clothing store, for a restaurant-bar-nightclub complex, at warehouses for products and appliances, on construction jobs, for an NGO in repatriation of war refugees, and finally on the design of the Zambezi Valley IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). Here, I began engaging with communities throughout various districts of the provinces in the central region of the country and in places like Tchuma Tchatu, the current Limpopo Transfrontier Park, Chipange Chetu in Niassa, and finally at the Niassa Reserve as a Community Official.


Because of the distance that separated me from my family, I returned home where I took a position working in Community Relations for the Gorongosa Restoration Project. I became the Community Supervisor on December 1, 2006.


In 2007, I participated in a course for natural guides at the Southern African Wildlife College and became a Safari Guide for Gorongosa. I worked there until late 2011 and was then transferred to the Community Education Center as an Environmental Educator where I worked throughout 2012. Now in 2013, I have taken on a new challenge as a Community Supervisor with the communities of Mount Gorongosa.


Gorongosa National Park is a unique place that I have admired since I was young. It makes me proud to be part of this team that is working so diligently to bring back the positive and beautiful image that is so admired and appreciated throughout the entire world. I'm also very proud to be part of history, alongside Greg Carr. Who would not want an opportunity like this? I believe in Gorongosa, and its team to make bold progress in this mission.