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National Geographic Magazine

The Rebirth of Gorongosa

Professor E.O. Wilson tells the story of Mount Gorongosa in his article The Rebirth of Gorongosa for the June 2013 edition of National Geographic Magazine. Wilson talks about his recent trips to study the incredible biodiversity on the mountain as well as the threats that face Mount Gorongosa's diminishing forests.


Read more about the story behind the article:

Publication Dates: 

US and Canada: May 28th (print), May 15th (iPad)

Portugal: May 31st (print)


Mount Gorongosa

At 1,863 meters, Mount Gorongosa towers over Gorongosa National Park. Its lush rainforest captures moisture and slowly feeds the rivers that supply life-giving water to the valley below. Deforestation is threatening the rainforest and our team is working to replant the native trees to restore the lost forest.

Mt. Gorongosa



Behind the Scenes

We're giving you a behind the scenes look at the story behind the article including Q&As with Tonga Torcida and Joel Sartore (the National Geographic photographer), bios of some of the people involved, a look at the National Geographic article written about Gorongosa in 1972, and exclusive photos that you won't see in the article.

Copyright: Joel Sartore/National Geographic


 Check out this gallery of photos from E.O. Wilson's trips to Gorongosa that you won't see in the article!