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National Geographic

The Rebirth of Gorongosa

National Geographic Magazine, 2013

Biologist E. O. Wilson takes a close look at a famed park in Mozambique. Recovering from civil war, it faces a new challenge: Settlers are deforesting its sacred mountain. Read More

Gorongosa Rises Again

National Geographic Traveller, 2011

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was once one of the world’s truly wild places but, caught in the crossfire of 15 years of civil war, the park’s thriving wildlife populations were all but decimated. The good news is that today Gorongosa is slowly recovering, thanks to one of the most ambitious park restoration efforts ever undertaken. Read More


Saving the Wild Kingdom

National Geographic Traveller, 2010

Gregory Carr has applied his ingenuity—and cash—to reinventing a wilderness park in Africa. Read More


A Gorongosa Renasceu

National Geographic - Portugal, 2009

Greg Carr não gosta que lhe chamem benfeitor e chega a dizer que o Parque Nacional da Gorongosa fez mais pore le do que ele alguma vez fará pelo parque. Read More [in Portuguese]





Mozambique Rising

National Geographic Adventure, 2006

It's hard to tell if the elephant is just furious at us - we are hovering a bit close - or if she's terrified because of what happened the last time helicopters thundered across this floodplain. Read more