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Cyclone Idai Information

In the eye of the storm: Gorongosa National Park & Cyclone Idai

UPDATE: Cyclone Idai

Gorongosa cares for its neighbours
All our Park departments were on high alert when Cyclone Idai made landfall on 15 March 2019. Our Parkrangers immediately walked through heavy rain and flooded land to reach those trapped on termite mounds or in trees. They brought emergency rations and assistance sufficient for a few days until we could mobilise helicopters, canoes and vehicles. During the first month, GNP staff, with help from African Parks and others, delivered 140 tonnes of food and water to over 30,000 people. By May, this had risen to 220 tonnes to over 40,000 affected community members. We were also directly involved in planning and coordination with national and international authorities in the flood assistance program, which included emergency rehabilitation of infrastructure, communications and transportation. Our distribution of start-up packs of seeds and other agricultural essentials has allowed communities to replant for future food stability.
It was very clear that the Park itself played an essential part in mitigating damage caused by the cyclone. Its vast vegetated area and network of streams and rivers acted like a sponge, absorbing huge quantities of water, which was still being gradually released five months after the actual event. It was practical proof that intact landscapes have a buffering effect on extremes of weather – especially wind and water, as well as serving as reservoirs for effective and functioning biodiversity systems.
The positive reaction to our appeals on social media raised essential funds for our work after Cyclone Idai – and helped save many of our neighbours from total destitution. Thank you for your donations!
For more info on visiting the park, contact [email protected] Or enjoy some Gorongosa coffee knowing that the money you spent with directly impact the people living near that Park!
Gorongosa Rangers distributing supplies food during the crisis
PNG thanks the WFP and African Parks as well as all those who made donations to the Cyclone Idai Relief Fund