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Africa is a BBC/Discovery Channel co-production from the same team that created the acclaimed 2009 natural history series Life.  The landmark series paints a breathtaking portrait of Africa. The show offers a new look at the oft-documented continent by featuring never-before filmed species, incredible animal behaviors and secret natural wonders.


Gorongosa National Park is featured prominently in the series’ final episode titled Africa: The Future. Famed naturalist David Attenborough hosts the episode in which acclaimed biologist  E.O. Wilson and Gorongosa’s own budding young Mozambican scientist, Tonga Torcida make an appearance. Looking to the past at how Africa has changed and looking forward to the future, Gorongosa’s story offers a profound and resonating end to the landmark series, Africa.


Africa: The Future airs on February 6th at 21:00 GMT in the UK on BBC. Visit Website


Africa: The Future airs on February 9th at 10am EST in the US on Discovery Channel. Visit Website


Africa Videos on BBC (UK Only)


Africa on Discovery Channel (US Only)

Africa | All New Tuesday @ 10pm


Learn more about E.O. Wilson and Tonga and their work in Gorongosa:


E.O. Wilson on Gorongosa's Biodiversity

EO Wilson on Gorongosa

E.O. Wilson talks about the biodiversity of Gorongosa National Park on SIC TV

"Gorongosa, I will say it now, is ecologically the most diverse park in the world" - E.O. Wilson