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Senior Education Manager.

Position Description: Senior Education Manager.
Reporting too: Human Development Director.


The Gorongosa Project is looking for a proven leader with experience in the Mozambican educational system.


The Gorongosa Project co-administers the Gorongosa National Park with the Government of Mozambique. We also help the Government to implement human development programs in the Park's Buffer Zone - an area of ​​around 600,000 hectares and 200,000 people. We support farmers, we support the health system and we work in fifty primary schools (soon to be 100). We are also actively involved with local secondary schools.In primary and secondary schools, we have created "Teacher Clubs" to improve the capacities of rural teachers, who sometimes feel isolated and generally do not receive much support. We help the government to improve its provision of educational services. We offer after-school programs, including Girls' Clubs, Youth Clubs, Environmental Clubs, Sports Clubs and more.The Senior Education Manager will supervise the managers who, in turn, supervise the education providers who run these clubs and activities. The Gorongosa Project has hired "Godmothers" in local communities to support girls and interact with their families.We hope to improve literacy, numeracy and health and human rights knowledge for all children. We help them move from primary school to secondary school. We seek to prevent child marriage by keeping girls in school.Our aim is to create a welcoming environment in the communities for primary schools and education in general. 

Qualities of the selected candidate.

The selected candidate must have experience as a professional educator in Mozambique. She or he will have leadership skills. Our goal is to help 40,000 children. This will be a large program when it is fully realized. The Senior Education Manager will need to supervise dozens of managers who, in turn, supervise hundreds of education providers. Participate in the development of the curriculum for after-school programs. It will liaise with the education bodies of the provincial and district governments. It will manage a budget with measurable results. Provide reports to donors and engage with them as needed.

Suggested conditions for candidates:- Degree in Social Sciences / Educational Sciences or equivalent discipline;- At least five years of experience related to work in education programs;- Familiarity with national education policies and programs.

Terms and conditions.The Gorongosa Project's Senior Education Manager will reside in Gorongosa Park for up to ten months a year. The Park will provide subsidized accommodation and meals. You will receive a salary proportional to your experience and proven ability.Interested candidates should send a CV and a Letter of Introduction to Stephen Pope - [email protected]