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Girls Club

Girls Club Gorongosa - in English with Portuguese subtitles

Larissa Sousa talks about Girls Club
I am Larissa Sousa, and I am a manager of the education program, Girls Clubs. 
What is a Girls Club? ... The Girls Club is a project that was based on ideas of keeping girls in school.  Normally a girl does not have a voice in the community. So we wanted to prevent premature marriages and, at the same time, keep girls in school.
Why do we choose or admit this group of girls to join the club? We have an admission process, we involve the community. We want to work with the most vulnerable child in the community to give opportunity to these children. So what we want is to try to have this generation of women who have the opportunity to continue education, who can grow and be what they want to be. Who have better opportunities than the previous generation had.
Talking about girls' progress is a very interesting thing. We've known the girls for some time now, so now we can see that they  are already more confident. They want to know more about the world, who else has there?  She sees opportunities in life for her to be a doctor, to be a nurse, or anything they want to be and ... to progress, to be ... President, for example!  This encourages us to work much harder because we want to see, we want these women to be what they want in the future.
We try to bring examples of girls who have left the community, or who have left small sites such as Gorongosa village, such as some communities that are currently working in the Park, or are doing internships in the Park to show them that it is possible. It's important to have examples like Deolinda, like Dominique, who also went through the same difficulties and today they are where they are .
What we are doing is for these girls to try to create safe spaces, open doors to the opportunities that they can have, and also create that sense of thinking about the future that what you do today will have an action , a reaction in the future, that everything we do has a consequence.