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Gorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise

  • Bob Poole shoots from his custom built filming vehicle, ‘The Bobmobile’  Photo credit Gina Poole
  • Bob Poole films sunrise over the floodplain. Photo credit Gina Poole
  • Bob Poole tracks the Sungue pride with the help of a park ranger.  Photo credit Gina Poole
  • After years of civil conflict and poaching, Gorongosa elephants have grown weary of humans, often forming defensive coalitions. Photo credit Joyce Poole
  • Gorongosa's Lioness   Photo credit Mike Dos Santos
  • The Cheringoma Plateau is the most southerly tip of Africa's Great Rift Valley that runs from Gorongosa all the way to the Red Sea.  It is composed mostly of limestone, and through millions of years of water action has carved out deep, stunningly beautiful canyons and gorges.   Photo credit Piotr Naskrecki
  • At Chitengo basecamp Baboons scour the undergrowth for nutritious bugs.  Photo credit Piotr Naskrecki


Over the past two years, a team of filmmakers has been documenting the restoration effort in Gorongosa Park for a 6-hour series that provides an unprecedented, in-depth look at the inspiring work of saving this park.

This landmark series is also called "Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn"" and is airing internationally on National Geographic - please check your local listings for times. 

The series is also available for download on iTunes.  

For more information and sneak previews, click HERE.

The series is hosted by Bob Poole, an award-winning cameraman who has spent his decades-long career filming wildlife all over the world, with a special emphasis on Africa, where he grew up.

Starting Sept 22nd, viewers in the United States can follow Bob as he joins the scientists and conservationists who are working to restore the park, including lion researchers Paola Bouley, Celina Dias and Domingas Aleixo, Park vet Rui Branco, Park Warden Mateus Mutemba, elephant researcher Joyce Poole (Bob's sister) and the renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson, who serves as a scientific advisor to the park.

"My childhood in the wilds of Africa inspired my career, but Gorongosa is special for me; this time I will be in front of the camera as well as behind it, capturing the incredible biodiversity and herculean conservation efforts taking place," says Poole. "The two years I spent filming the parks transformation fulfills a life-long dream of mine. I was able to combine my passion for animal conservation with my love of documentary filmmaking."

"Our deep dive into the return of GORONGOSA PARK is important because of how crucial its conservation effort is to the ecosystem of Africa - and to the world," said Bill Gardner, VP, Programming and Development, PBS. "It's also an epic adventure and an inspiring story of how dedicated people, working together, can make a difference in rehabilitating ecosystems thought to be lost."

Join Bob on this intimate behind-the-scenes series!