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The floodwaters recede and the Park is green and lush allowing wildlife to spread out, as food is everywhere. The rutting season for impalas has started  - usually running from late April to the end of May. Male’s necks have enlarged to take the force of butting heads and grappling with other males for the rights to mate. Their snorts and snarls can be heard from a few kilometers away. At this time of year, the male’s attention is totally focused on the opponent and predators cash in with easy meals.


Africa’s largest snake the African rock python (up to 5 m in length and 60kg) starts it’s breeding at this time of year and you might be lucky enough to see one of these giants crossing the game road. Be careful not to disturb it and it won’t disturb you!


The humidity is nearly gone and there is very little chance of rain. The sunny days and cool nights of winter are beginning to set in.