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This is the time of year when the Park is a vibrant oasis - waterholes are full to the brim, Lake Urema swells and engulfs the surrounding floodplain, lush emerald spreads through every living plant giving rise to a scene you’ll never forget. With the rain comes life! Bird populations almost double as migrant birds arrive taking advantage of the transformed Eden beneath them.


Crocodiles have left the refuge of the lake and head inland toward the pans and rivers. This concentration of crocs is amazing - 55 crocodiles were once counted in a stretch of river 600m long! Elephants spend more time in the game drive network where pans have formed and lush new growth lets them wander more freely than the drier months.


Temperatures are still hot and steamy with a few tail end showers in March and cooler days becoming more frequent towards the end of April.