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Game viewing can be at its best during the dry winter months when the Park takes on a golden hue and wildlife concentrate in large numbers. Waterholes become hives of activity with animals competing for water and food. You’ll find huge herds of waterbuck and other antelopes gathering around the shores of Lake Urema to take advantage of the retreating greenery.


Birds are competing too – pelicans and other water birds blanket the steadily shrinking pans as fish eagles swoop in to claim their dinner. This is a paradise for birders as dozens of different species can be spotted in one beautiful spot.


The elephants are making good use of the last of the palm fruit and starting to shift south, towards permanent water. It is slightly more difficult to see them this time of year as they spend most of their time at the southern end of the Park on the Urema River.


The chill of winter is creeping into the crisp clear nights, and the stars seem brightest at this time of year. The days are mild and breezy.