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Meet "Tripod"

Tripod is a Gorongosa matriarch lioness and also one of our ambassador lions – visitors often get to meet her as her territory is limited to the main game-viewing area around Roads 3, 4 and 6.  


She is mature, at least 12 years old, and has given birth to many cubs, including the two beautiful Sungue Brothers who are now approaching maturity and are seen in the main game-viewing area.


She is known as “Tripod” because in 2009 our vets had to surgically remove her back right foot to save her life from a wire-snare injury.  She endures, and despite mostly hunting alone, she is still strong and resilient - a beautiful lioness to meet.  You will likely find her resting by day, but at night she can be heard roaring around Lion House and can be seen hunting on the floodplain under the stars. 


One of the photos above was taken using a thermal camera which registers body heat and allows us to film and study lions at night. It shows Tripod trying to hunt an oribi on the floodplain. She probably doesn't have much success in the open like this. She probably waits in ambush for something to walk by.