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Meet "Mkombozi"

Mkombozi (which means “redeemer” in Swahili) was named by Tonga Torcida who joined the Gorongosa Lion Project during his break from college.  She is the smallest of five new cubs born to the Sungue Sisters in late 2012. 


In July, she was seen with a very large gash on her side likely from an injury by a warthog as her pride made a kill.  That didn’t stop her from playing and romping around with her brothers and sisters, but then we lost sight of the pride for a few days, the team became extremely concerned for her fate given the size of the wound.  But just one week later she was seen again and she had made a remarkable recovery with the wound in the advanced healing stages.   Her ability to heal from such an injury bears testament to the strength and resiliency of lions in the wild.  We wish her the very best as she matures into the Sungue Pride – may she bear many cubs!