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The weaver is truly the architect of the bird’s kingdom. They get their name from the fact that they weave their elaborately woven nests using fine leaf-fibers, grass, and palm leaves. Nests vary in size, shape, material used, and construction techniques from species to species. It is actually a nest within a nest, with the entrance at the bottom to protect the young birds from predators, especially the falcon.


These social birds often live together in noisy colonies, building their nests together for protection, often several to a branch. Usually it is the male that weaves the nest, using it as a form of display to lure prospective females. After constructing a nest, the male hangs beneath and displays singing and flapping. If a female accepts his invitation and moves in he begins building another nest to attract another female. If the female does not like the nest, he will tear it down and start over. If she does like the nest, she will line it with grass and feathers, and start raising a family.