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Gorongosa's Birds

Gorongosa Birds

“... Gorongosa National Park is now the site of one of the greatest restoration projects in Southern Africa” and for “any keen or aspiring birder" it’s a ”must-visit in Southern Africa”. - Christopher Scott, Country Life

When you ponder the animal kingdom, it’s hard not to marvel at the bird group – their prominence and diversity are difficult to match. Some birds are generalists, while others have very specific requirements on where they can live and what they can eat. Even in a single forest patch, you’ll find different birds feeding in the canopy, others beneath the canopy, and still others on the forest floor.


In 1965, 339 different bird species were recorded within Gorongosa National Park alone – not including Mount Gorongosa or surrounding areas.  This is an indication of the exceptional biodiversity of the Gorongosa ecosystem.


The array of birds that you can see on a Mozambique safari in Gorongosa is simply breath taking. The best time of the year to see birds is November, when migratory birds arrive in Mozambique and resident birds have bright plumage for the breeding season. Over 150 different species may be recorded in a single day at this time of year. If you’re a serious birder, you know that Gorongosa is home a special bird that is found nowhere else in the world - the Green-headed Oriole.