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Gorongosa's Antelopes

Gorongosa Antelopes

“Herds of waterbuck and reedbuck scatter, hippos bare their teeth before taking refuge in marshy channels and a herd of 70 sables veers off." - Travel Africa

Gorongosa's antelopes are some of the most beautiful animals on Earth: sleek, powerful bodies often adorned with curved or spiraling horns that are some of nature's most artistic creations. Gorongosa is famous for its large population of antelopes and the wide range of antelope species it supports. For this reason, Gorongosa is often called the 'Serengeti of the South'. The vast floodplain around Lake Urema reminds many people of the plains of East Africa. But instead of herds of wildebeest, we have herds of waterbuck! 


Gorongosa is also famous for its sable antelope. These magnificent animals really are the super-models of the antelope world! Their long, curved horns are gorgeous and their sleek coats add to their majestic appearance. Difficult to see in many other parks, sable are plentiful here in Gorongosa and fairly easy to view and photograph. 


A whole other cast of antelope characters can be seen on your Mozambique safari along Gorongosa's game drive roads, in the woodlands and thickets. Unlike the big herds of waterbuck and sable, many of these antelope species often live alone or in pairs, nimbly picking their way through the dense bush, always watching and listening for lions waiting in ambush…