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Small Antelopes

  • Oribi
  • Duiker
  • Oribi
  • Oribi


A Gorongosa resident that you’ll surely get to know on your game drives is the petite, graceful oribi. The oribi is a rare sight in most parts of Africa but in Gorongosa, our oribis are thriving and you’ll be thankful for it – they’re a delight to watch! You can tell an oribi apart from other antelopes by its short, black tail and dark glands in front of its eyes, which are used by males to mark their territories. If you approach an oribi and they get spooked, they will usually run for a few seconds and then stop to look back, unlike impalas that just keep running. There’s a great photo opportunity for you to snap a shot of one of Gorongosa’s tiniest antelopes. 



You will have to have a keen eye to spot a duiker in Gorongosa, as they are some of the smallest and most elusive antelopes. They’re only about the size of a large dog. The two duiker species that you can find in Gorongosa are the common duiker and the red duiker. Your best chance of seeing a duiker is very early in the morning in dense vegetation or near water. Duikers need to eat protein along with their plant diet, and they’ve been known to eat insects, frogs, snakes, bird eggs and chicks, and even carrion.