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Ebb & Flow

"Life in Gorongosa ebbs and flows in concert with Urema, which itself is fed in part by runoff from the nearby Mount Gorongosa." - The Huffington Post

Because of the flat, uniform terrain of the Valley floor, during the rainy season Lake Urema swells up tremendously, and its waters spill across a large portion of the plains. The Muaredzi River, which flows into the lake from the Cheringoma Plateau, carries a lot of silt and other deposits, and has over time built up an enormous “plug” (alluvial fan) in the southern portion of the lake, slowing its drainage. Although the lake itself covers only about 10-15 km2, during the peak of the wet season its waters may cover as much as 200 km2, transforming dry, grassy plains into an enormous, watery heaven for fish, water birds, hippos, and crocodiles


The Pungue River forms the southern boundary of the Park. Like Vunduzi that feeds Lake Urema throughout the year, the Pungue is a perennial river, which does not disappear even during the most severe draughts. During the rainy season it drains the overflow from Lake Urema, and carries its waters for about 110 km to the Indian Ocean. Beira, a vibrant port city, was founded on the northern bank of the Pungue River’s delta.