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Midlands & Mount Gorongosa

“Mozambique is a veranda that overlooks the Indian Ocean.” - Mia Couto (The Guardian)

To the west, the Rift Valley rises slowly to the elevation of about 400 m to form the Midland Region. This region is deeply dissected by several rivers, including the main source of water for Lake Urema and the entire Gorongosa ecosystem, the Vunduzi River. 


A series of inselbergs rise out of the Midlands in spectacular fashion. These are rock formations that were in existence even before the Great Rift formed. As the tectonic plates shifted and the Midlands rose up, the inselbergs were exposed through erosion over millions of years.


The majestic Mount Gorongosa, rising to 1,863 m above sea level, is perched on top of the Midlands. It is composed mostly of granites, and heavy rainfall on the mountain has leached its soils of many nutrients. Yet despite this, Mount Gorongosa is home to a stunning rainforest and rich, unique fauna and flora.