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Grasslands and Forests

"Gorongosa is an Eden of grassland, miombo forest, flood plains and waterways. Yellow forests of fever trees stand next to spiked illala and towering borassa palms; Rousseau-esque tangles of greenery twine next to boundless golden savannah." - Wanderlust

Gorongosa is a place of incredible richness and diversity. Its has been shaped by the geology of the Great Rift Valley, which created a rich mosaic of soils and a varied landscape. Over millions of years, the animal and plant-life of Gorongosa have been continually evolving to produce the amazing kaleidoscope of life that we see today. And although a visitor to the Park will be immediately struck by the abundance of animal life, it is the diversity of plants that truly makes Gorongosa unique.


The Park is divided into 21 plant communities, each made up of a different selection of plant species. They range from the tall, humid rainforest on the slopes of Mount Gorongosa, to dry woodland savanna of the Cheringoma Plateau, to extensive, flat grasslands on the floodplains of Lake Urema. Each creates a different habitat and supports a different variety of animals.