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Website Design

  The Gorongosa National Park website was designed and developed by Forum One Communications. For more information, visit Forum One Communications.


Photos and Video

Gorongosa National Park staff, consultants, and the following individuals contributed photos and video the web site:


Kathy Angell

Sarah Arnoff

Abdulamide Bagas

Jeff Barbee

Richard Beilfuss

James Byrne

Pedro Canteiro

Chico Carneiro

Corina Clemente

Bridget Conneely

Jorge da Silva

Giorgio del Noce

Michael Dos Santos

Helena Dias

Carlos Fonseca

Alison Westwood (Photographer) Getaway Magazine (Owner)

Sarah Gilbert

Toast Coetzer (Photographer)  Go! Magazine (Owner)

Teresa Gamito

Jack Greeff

Bob Green

Andrzej Grzegorczyk

Magdalena Grzegorczyk

Derek Hudson

Chico Ivo

Paul Kerrison

Whitney Leonard

Steven Le Vourch

Paolo Mapelli

Rinaldo Mapelli

Francisco Maximo

Bruno Bras Monteiro

Sofia Bras Monteiro

Domingos Muala

Piotr Naskrecki

Nuno Nobrega

Federico Pardo (Photographer) The Field Museum (owner)

Mike Paredes

Bob Poole

Gina Poole 

Joyce Poole

Jeff Reed

Ana Cordeiro Rodrigues

Ticky Rosa

David Rubedor

Salvatore Rugolo

Paolo Silveira

Robert Spaan

Joachim Stretz

Michael Subotsky

Mario Traversi

Jeff Trollip

Lizette Van der Merwe

Jay Vavra

Jean-Paul Vermeulen

Ilze Wagenaar

Ramana Waldhaus

Bart Wursten

Tobias Zimmer