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Tonga Torcida - "The Guide"

Tonga Torcida Welcome Video

To all the students and educators who enjoyed watching "The Guide"... Welcome! Or as we say in Mozambique, 'Bem Vindos'! This is my personal web page where you can learn more about me, Gorongosa National Park, and how you can get involved in our work. I hope that you will come back here from time to time to see my updates from the field or ask me questions. If you have not watched “The Guide” yet, you can see a classroom version of the film at


"The Guide" Trailer


The Guide - English Trailer


Learn More About My Story

Growing up on a small farm in rural Mozambique, I never dreamed that I would get an opportunity to work with lions in Gorongosa, meet E.O. Wilson, go to college, and star in an international film. I feel very lucky and I hope you will learn more about how I got here and the people who helped me along the way.

Ask Me A Question

I spend a lot of my time in remote parts of Gorongosa doing lion research but whenever I come back to camp, I will post updates to the Gorongosa Facebook page. I love to see messages and questions from my friends around the world. I hope that you will "like" the Gorongosa Facebook page and post your questions to the wall. I will do my best to answer every one. You can start by liking the Gorongosa Facebook page 


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Updates From The Field

When I am out in the field or away at school, I have so many exciting experiences to share with you. I share my stories in this blog to show the world what an amazing place Gorongosa is.

My Friend, E.O. Wilson

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, E.O. Wilson. He has been a great mentor and an inspiration to me. He believes that Gorongosa is one of the most biodiverse places on earth and it is extremely important to study the animals and plants that live here and to protect this special place. He is one of the reasons that I want to devote my life to learning about science and protecting Gorongosa.

Science Projects I'm Helping With

During breaks from college, I work for the Science Department in Gorongosa. I love my job because some days I get to work with lion researchers, and some days I get to study insects or elephants. Every day is different and I am learning so much. Here is some information about some of these projects:


These are some of the organizations that have helped with the creation of "The Guide" and with spreading awareness of my story to many people around the world. They do amazing work and I thank them.



Howard Hughes Medical Institute's BioInteractive provides free multimedia resources to science educators and students. They are providing a classroom version of "The Guide", along with supplementary materials. Learn more


The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation is dedicated to enhancing public understanding of biodiversity and to fostering a culture of stewardship to conserve and protect the natural world. The foundation has been an important ally to Gorongosa National Park and "The Guide" would not have been possible without E.O. Wilson's support. Learn more


Jessica Yu is an Academy-Award winning director whose latest film was "The Guide". She has directed many notable documentaries, narrative films, and commercials. Learn more about Jessica and her work