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Zebra and Eland relocated to Gorongosa!

September 17, 2013

We are pleased to welcome Gorongosa’s newest residents! Seven zebra and thirty-five eland were relocated to Gorongosa National Park to supplement the very small groups of these animals that remain in the park. The zebra were relocated from an area 120 km north-west of the Park in Manica Province in Mozambique. Park managers plan to relocate more zebra over time to build up a viable population. The newly arrived zebra are living safely in the park’s fenced wildlife sanctuary until their numbers have built up significantly before being released to the greater park area.


Photo: Relocated zebra in the wildlife sanctuary of Gorongosa National Park


Zebras in Gorongosa are members of a distinct subspecies called Crawshay’s zebra (Equus quagga crawshayi). Although this subspecies originally occurred across a large area that spans central and northern Mozambique, southern Tanzania and Malawi and eastern Zambia, it is now mostly confined to a few conservation areas. You can tell Crawshay’s zebras apart from other zebras by their thinner and denser black stripes, which extend all across their underbelly and all the way down to the hooves; there are never shadow stripes (thin, light-brown stripes between the black ones).


Photo: Crawshayi zebra being captured for relocation to the park’s wildlife sanctuary


The eland were sourced from the same area in Manica Province. They were released directly in the Park along the tourist road network between Chitengo and the floodplain. This is the area where they historically were often observed. Prior to this re-introduction, the few remaining eland in Gorongosa were mostly found in the south-eastern part of the Park that is not accessible to tourists.


Photo: Thirty-five Eland were released into Gorongosa