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A Note from E.O. Wilson

March 3, 2014

By Dr. Edward O. Wilson - Today Mozambique's premier nature reserve, Gorongosa National Park, is rapidly regaining the rich wildlife damaged there by the civil war and widespread poaching that followed. At the same time the staff and supporters, the latter principally the American philanthropist Gregory C. Carr and Mozambican government, have set out to accomplish a second goal of international significance, to build a laboratory that will turn the park into a world-class center for research and education in biodiversity research ecology, and park management.

Photo: E.O. Wilson during the Bioblitz on Mount Gorongosa (copyright Joel Sartore/


During two recent visits to Gorongosa, and with a third planned for March-April 2014, I've watched as this project has unfolded, and now expect to be there when the laboratories and conference rooms are officially opened. The scientists who have already visited Gorongosa have demonstrated its unusual promise for original research in biodiversity studies and related disciplines of environmental science. The laboratory, by expanding that potential, will benefit students and established scientists from both Mozambique and abroad.

Photo: E.O. Wilson collecting insects in Gorongosa (photo by Bob Poole)