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Rotary clubs in Beira and Boise (USA) support Gorongosa National Park

April 20, 2017

Thanks to an initiative of several Rotary Clubs in Boise, USA, the Rotary Club of Beira (through its chairman, Abel Lisboa) presented a vehicle to Gorongosa National Park (represented by Mateus Mutemba, the Park Warden) that will be used to provide health services to the local communities. 

Mateus Mutemba, PNG Administrator inspects the vehicle offered by Rotary Clubs of Beira and Boise

In addition to the vehicle, the Rotary Club of Beira has delivered medical equipment to the Gorongosa National Park Health Clinic, including;
- 1 Electronic Sphygmomanometer (which measures blood pressure and oxygen saturation)
- 1 Cervical collar (to stabilize the cervical spine or neck in the event of a trauma or accident while transporting the patient to the health unit )
- 1 wheelchair (to transport patients from the ambulance to the clinic)
The following material was also provided for the vehicle donated by the Rotary clubs:
- 1 Metallic wheel table (for medication administration)
- 1 Cervical collar
- 1 Sphygmomanometer (which measures blood pressure and oxygen saturation) 
- 1 Wheelchair
- 1 Small bed
- 1 pair of adult crutches
Also, the following supplies were presented to the Gorongosa District Hospital
- 1 pair of adult crutches
- 1 Cervical collar (to be used during the rescue of road accident victims by the hospital team).
The names of the Rotary Clubs that contributed to the purchase of the vehicle for GNP
The ceremony was attended by members of the Beira Rotary Club, and by several members of the GNP Health Team. 


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