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Lion House Traditional Ceremony

April 24, 2013

Gorongosa National Park honored the customs of the region by organizing a traditional ceremony led by the descendants of the “Regulo” (Chief) Chuva Nhanguo Camacho at the ruins of the old tourist camp in the Park, known today as “Lion House".

Photo: Gorongosa staff and participants of the Lion House ceremony (photo by James Byrne)


The "Lion House" was built in 1940 and is located on the plains between the Mussicadzi and the Sungue rivers, 10 km from Chitengo. This site had to be abandoned two years later due to heavy flooding in the rainy season. The lions took over the abandoned building and for many years became an icon of the Park, due to the huge pride of lions that could always be seen in and around the building.

Photo: By James Byrne


Every year by this time, this ceremony is called to ask for the blessing of the ancestral spirits to ensure the harmonious development of tourism activities at the Park.


By Vasco Galante


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