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Interning at the E.O.Wilson Lab

February 9, 2016

by Michel Sousa

After years of doing environmental science and management classes, projects, I was avid to learn more about the environment and its biodiversity. Being a high school student, I presented myself as a blank canvas. Welcomed warmly and made to feel comfortable from the beginning by everyone. Long days on the field under the scorching sun with The Gorongosa Lion and Elephant Project's teams, learning to analyze and document animal's habitat and their behavior, gave me a little glimpse of the animal kingdom through their eyes, what a fascinating view. 

I witnessed first-hand the daily obstacles the park faces such as poaching, and the effort that goes into combating it, Blood, sweat and tears are all part of this fight; nevertheless the scouts sing “We will die on the way to the forest”, was truly inspiring. 

The week spent on the Bunga Inselberg was enthralling. It showed me what a specie rich ecosystem we have, why everyone works as hard as they do to protect it, how I can too, not just in Gorongosa, but everywhere I go, and what Gorongosa can potentially be restored to.

This has been a phenomenal experience thus far, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and to all whom helped me throughout this journey. Here I meet noble people and made good friends. It is sad to leave but am confident I have indeed learned a great deal.

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