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Help Save Mount Gorongosa

May 28, 2013

Mount Gorongosa is a place like nowhere else on earth. Rising abruptly from the arid savanna, the mountain changes as you rise in elevation to reveal a lush tropical rainforest. This mountain is special in many ways. Because it is a virtual island of rainforest, some of the species on Mount Gorongosa can be found nowhere else. The forest also soaks up over six feet of rainfall per year like a sponge and slowly releases it to the valley below, ensuring survival for wildlife in the dry season. Because of its ability to release fresh water year-round, this mountain also is important for the survival of the local people who live nearby.


Photo: Mount Gorongosa rainforest (by Piotr Naskrecki)


Some of the forest is lost every year due to slash and burn agriculture, threatening the future of the mountain and the life that depends on it. This is an urgent and critical issue that could result in the destruction of this beautiful forest forever. Professor E.O. Wilson said it best when he said,

“Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.”


You can do your part to help save Mount Gorongosa. Here’s how:

  1. Hike Mount Gorongosa – Visiting Gorongosa as a tourist is the best thing that you can do to help protect it. By hiking the mountain you are employing local people and giving people an alternative to farming. One of the local guides from Mount Gorongosa, Tonga Torcida, said:
    “I hope that every week the tourism industry employs 4 to 5 local people as porters or guides to the waterfalls and rainforest.” 

    You can begin planning your trip to Gorongosa today!

  2. Help Plant Trees – We have a dedicated team of local tree planters who are working quickly to plant thousands of saplings on the mountain to replace the lost forest. By helping us plant trees, you are directly supporting the work of these Mozambican tree planters.
  3. Spread the Word – The more people that join our effort, the more impact we can have. Helping save Mount Gorongosa is as simple as sharing this blog post on social media and encouraging your friends to support this worthy cause.


Photo: Local tree planter (by Anton Crone)


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