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Gorongosa National Park joins the efforts of Sofala Province to participate in the National Festival of Sports and Games for School children

August 23, 2018

Mozambique, Africa - During the visit by Conceita Sortane, Minister of Education and Human Development, to the recently inaugurated Samora Machel Primary School, which is located in the community of Mussinhá, Pungwe Township, in the Gorongosa District and built with thanks to the generosity of the Rizwan Adatia Foundation in partnership with the Gorongosa National Park (GNP), GNP delivered a cheque to the value of 400,000.00 Meticais in support of the participation of the delegation of Sofala in the XIII National Festival of Sports and Sports Games, to be held in July in the Province of Gaza.

On the occasion, the Warden of Gorongosa National Park, Mateus Mutemba, announced that the medalists at the event would be offered an excursion into Gorongosa National Park that entitling them to a wildlife safari as well as full board at the Park’s Community Education Center. On behalf of GNP, he wished the Sofala delegation, to the games, the greatest success and bestowed honor on Sofala Province with their performance.

This support is part of the contribution that the park gives to the education sector in Sofala through a GNP Education Program that includes investment in education infrastructure (three schools built and two more schools in the pipe line - one in Nhamatanda and one in Cheringoma), establishment of 17 Girl's Clubs in an equal number of schools in the districts of Gorongosa and Nhamatanda, to promote the retention of girls in school through extra-curricula assistance and scholarships, Environmental education (establishment of 32 Environmental Education Clubs in the Gorongosa, Nhamatanda, Muanza and Cheringoma schools), support in implementing the local curriculum guide through teacher training, community mobile filmmaking and park excursions for teachers, students and other GNP sponsored community members, as well as donations of school supplies, clothing and personal hygiene items to vulnerable children.

About Gorongosa National Park and the Gorongosa Project

Gorongosa National Park is Mozambique's premier wildlife park, located at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley. It is home to some of the most biologically rich and geologically diverse ecosystems on the African continent. Its borders encompass the caves and gorges of the Cheringoma plateau, the vast savannas of the Rift Valley, and the precious rainforest of the Gorongosa Mountain Range.

The Gorongosa Project integrates conservation and human development with the understanding that a healthy ecosystem will benefit human beings, who for the time being will be motivated to support the Gorongosa Park objectives.

Cover photo: Mateus Mutemba, Administrator of PNG delivers check of 400,000 Meticais to Manuel Chicamisse, Provincial Director of Education and Human Development

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