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The Gorongosa 2013 Biodiversity Survey Begins

April 17, 2013

Every scientist or naturalist who has visited Gorongosa National Park agrees that the Park’s incredible diversity of animals and plants is second to none. Famous scientist E.O. Wilson said,

“Gorongosa, I will say it now, is ecologically the most diverse park in the world."


Exactly what species of animals and plants exist in Gorongosa has never been studied in a comprehensive way. Knowing what species exist in the Park is an important first step to understanding how all of the intricate pieces of Gorongosa’s ecology fit together and will help us decide how to best protect the ecosystem.


This week marks the beginning of the first in a multi-year biological survey of Gorongosa’s biodiversity. A team of scientists from all over the world, studying everything from dung beetles to lions, will embark on a 3-week trek deep into the unexplored regions of Gorongosa’s Cheringoma plateau. The scientists will camp at 3 different sites along Gorongosa’s magnificent limestone gorges. The old growth forest at the base of the gorges with their meandering streams and rushing waterfalls will be an ideal site for exploration and discovery. The scientists will return to Chitengo after 3 weeks to record what they have collected. 


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