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GNP and CTC-COOP sign Partnership

February 22, 2017
Gorongosa National Park (GNP) and Cooperativa para Terras Comunitárias (CTC-COOP) have signed a memorandum of understanding which aims to promote sustainable management  of land and natural resources in the GNP buffer zone, involve rural communities in GNP development of social, economic and environmental initiatives, and ensure the conservation and enhance the biodiversity of existing land and natural resources.
L to R - Emídio de Oliveira, of  CTC-COOP and Mateus Mutemba, GNP
At the signing, Emídio de Oliveira, Executive Director of CTC-COOP, said: “With the signing of this memorandum, we have taken a pioneering step in the harmonization of intentions and resources to maximize impact and promote social, economic and social development at community level, especially in conservation areas. We have entered into this venture aware that we can contribute to maximizing opportunities to promote sustainable development by raising the awareness of communities and other stakeholders about land rights and mechanisms for integrated management of land and other natural resources. Among the various challenges that this partnership presents, we hope to be able to make our contribution to the use and application of natural resources, and not only, in a responsible way and with benefits for all stakeholders.”
In reply, Gorongosa National Park Administrator Mateus Mutemba commented: “The partnership we have just signed with CTC-COOP will provide mutual benefits. CTC-COOP is an organization with recognized expertise and competence in the field of land management promotion and this is a comprehensive partnership in the sense that it will enable the various players in the local development process – government, communities, private and park – to maximize the opportunities that communities can obtain from the participatory and sustainable exploitation of natural resources around the country, particularly in the light of the possibility of creating community conservation areas adjacent to the PNG and implementing the Greater Gorongosa Sustainable Development Plan. The areas of Community Conservation stem from Article 22 of Law 16/2014, the Biodiversity Conservation Law. This partnership will also provide training opportunities for those mentioned above as well as the sharing of diverse resources, including human resources, between the two entities.”
Under the agreement, CTC-COOP and PNG will cooperate in the implementation of community organization projects in the GNP buffer zone, capacity development of GNP and district buffer zone technicians and communities in the sustainable management of land and other natural resources, advice to park managers on community land management and rural development processes, and funding for the co-financing of joint projects and interventions.
The Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique’s central Sofala province is in the process of rehabilitation, with the aim of ensuring the restoration and protection of biodiversity and the natural processes of the conservation area and its buffer zone and contributing to human development and poverty alleviation.
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